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Safety Mesh 02 300x196
Safety Mesh 03
Safety Mesh 01
Safety Mesh 05
Safety Mesh 04
Safety Mesh
Cut to size, Australian made which has been Galvanised or PVA coated
Sizes RollSizes(LM)Roll M2
Safety mesh 300 x 1501800 X 5090
Safety mesh 300 x 1502400 x 50112.5
Safety mesh 300 x 1501800×5090
  • Available Colours

Armour Grey®

Armour Grey®


High-quality Australian roof safety mesh

Rather than risking an accident at your workplace that could end up costing you heavily at best, or leading to a fatality at its worst, use roofing safety mesh from Hitec Metal Roofing Supplies’ to keep your staff safe on-site.

Roofing safety mesh, or under-roof safety mesh, is an internal steel mesh made of galvanised or PVA-coated steel that provides long-term protection against falls. It is installed before other roofing materials are put in and remains under the roof structure. 

Short and long-term safety

Hitec Metal Roofing Supplies’ safety mesh offers both short and long-term benefits, including:

  • Reducing the risk of serious injury — Safety mesh mitigates potential injuries from falling and protects workers from objects falling from above, increasing safety on-site.
  • Easy installation —Meshing can be installed from scaffolding or even with a scissor lift and can be completed extremely quickly with the assistance of a wire-pulling machine.
  • Choice of materials — PVA-coated mesh is perfect for areas with high salinity or exposure to corrosive chemicals.
  • Long-term safety —Roof safety mesh remains where it is installed even after the roof has gone up, meaning that it remains there as protection for times when maintenance is being carried out on the roof.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Hitec Metal Roofing Supplies guarantees only the best quality roof mesh.

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What is roof safety mesh used for?

Roof safety mesh is used to keep roof workers safe from falls and falling objects during the installation or maintenance of a roof. Mesh is one of the first things to be installed, and the roof is then installed over the top of it, which means it remains there throughout the life of the roof. As a result, it also offers protection if the roof is partially disassembled for repairs or maintenance.

What projects require roof safety mesh?

Safety mesh should be placed over areas where workers cannot be isolated from the incomplete roof system through other barriers or processes. Any roof installation that requires your workers to be on top (or below) of an unfinished roof should involve safety mesh.

How do you choose the right roof safety mesh?

Roofing safety mesh is chosen depending on size and environment. Hitec Metal Roofing Supplies has two dimensions: 1800 mm 50 mm and 2400 mm x 50 mm. There are also two choices of steel wire: galvanised and PVA-coated. In most cases, galvanised steel is sufficient, but in coastal areas with high salinity or industrial sites where chemicals are used and stored, PVA-coated mesh should be used as it will resist corrosion.

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