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Why Choose UniCote®?

When you choose roofing and rainwater products, you want a solution that will look great and perform well for years to come. Australia’s harsh climate can throw a lot at your roof, but UniCote® can stand up to it all.

With weather resistant features and colours that will last, UniCote’s pre-painted metal roofing is perfect for your environment. With proven resistance to chipping, cracking, and peeling, you will be proud to show off your UniCote roof.

  • Durable, Desirable, Affordable
  • The Hard Working,
    Low Maintenance Roof
  • The Impressive UniCote Range
  • Resistance Where You Need It
  • 22 Classic Colours
  • Protected By Warranties
  • Australia’s Very Best

Durable, Desirable, Affordable

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Durable, Desirable, Affordable

Turn your roof into a design opportunity with UniCote steel. Offering unparalleled strength and excellent appearance, your new roof will retain its colour and its form through harsh sunshine, strong winds, and freezing hail.

UniCote is also extremely cost-effective, allowing us to offer quality solutions for less.

The Hard Working,
Low Maintenance Roof

02 The Hard Working

The Hard Working,
Low Maintenance Roof

Want a material that works harder while making your life easier? Lightweight but strong, UniCote steel offers enhanced security, improved thermal efficiency, excellent water collection properties, and high storm-resistance.

You’ll get all of this out of one of the most low-maintenance materials on the market, meaning there’s nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy.

The Impressive UniCote Range

03 The Impressive Unicoat

The Impressive UniCote Range

Each of the products in the UniCote range provides excellent performance and unmatched appearance for your roofing and rainwater needs.

  • UniCote : Hot-dipped aluminium and zinc combine with an advanced polyester topcoat to provide an unmatched metal product. The result is excellent durability, high UV resistance, and colour & gloss that lasts and lasts!
  • UniZinc : Combining the benefits of aluminium and zinc materials, UniZinc offers excellent heat and corrosion protection that is perfect for all Australian conditions.
  • MagnaFlow™ : Adding magnesium to the mix, UniCote’s MagnaFlow protects your roof against corrosion, making it ideal for coastal environments. The unique combination of zinc, aluminium and magnesium protects cut edges and exposed steel, allowing your roof to heal itself when exposed to harsh conditions.

Resistance Where You Need It

04 Resistance Where You Need

Resistance Where You Need It

UniCote steel has been tested and tested again, offering proven resistance against:

  • Scratching
  • Bending
  • Impact damage
  • Heat damage
  • Humidity
  • Salt spray
  • Colour fading and paint damage

22 Classic Colours

05 22color

22 Classic Colours

Be inspired by the extensive range of classic colours available with UniCote steel. Reflecting your property and the best of the Australian landscape, UniCote paint is resistant to cracking, chipping, and peeling.

Protected By Warranties

06 Protected Warrenty

Protected By Warranties

Your new UniCote products will be protected from perforation for up to 30 years and guaranteed against peeling and flaking for up to 20 years. Contact us to explore the range of warranties available to you.

Australia’s Very Best

07 Australia Very Best

Australia’s Very Best

UniCote combines the power of Australia’s finest steel distributor with Korea’s most innovative leader in roofing technology.

Harnessing more than 80 years of combined experience, Selection Steel and Dongkuk Steel have developed a product that’s trusted by professionals and beloved by Aussie property owners.

When you choose UniCote, you’re choosing a product that’s built with the best and latest technology.

UniCote Colour Range
  • Heritage Red

  • Territory

  • Jasmin Brown

  • Smooth Cream

  • Off White

  • Dusk

  • Merino

  • Armour Grey

  • Birch

  • Gull Grey

  • Slate Grey

  • Basal

  • Wallaroo

  • Gulf

  • Coventry

  • Manteal

  • Monolith

  • Mist Green

  • Caulfield Green

  • Mountain Blue

  • Iron Grey

  • Ebony


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