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Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ from Bradford Insulation

  • Residential and commercial wall & roof sarking
  • High performance adhesive tape product allowing airtight, energy efficient designs to be achieved
  • Condensation management surface
  • Reduces risk of moisture and mould
  • BCA Part 2.2. Objective
  • Protects interior of building from moisture and dust

Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap RW is a light* duty vapour permeable wall wrap designed for use in residential timber and steel frame wall construction. Enviroseal™ RW is a durable and lightweight textile membrane with a ‘soft’ construction designed to allow moisture to escape the inside of the home.

Product features
  • A tough weather barrier
  • Minimise the risk of condensation related mould growth
  • Suitable behind both brick veneer and all lightweight clad
  • Suitable for BAL fire regions

Bradford Enviroseal RW is ideal for use in residential brick veneer and lightweight clad construction.

Product NameWidth (mm)Length (m)m2 Per RollWeightProduct Code
Enviroseal RW150030454.6167641
Enviroseal RW150050757.9118153
Enviroseal RW-IT*150050757.9165532
Enviroseal RW27502568.758.5138628
Enviroseal RW300025759.5155884
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