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We only use the latest in insulation technology our EcoTuff® Roof blanket provides thermal and acoustic insulation for both residential and commercial roofs. Condensation control can be achieved when the product is faced with a foil of the appropriate duty classification.Features:
  • EcoTuff Blanket
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Light Duty or Heavy Duty Foil options
Our Roofing blanket description can be bought in the following standard roll sizes:
  • EcoTuff Roofing Blanket R1.3 (55mm) – 15m x 1.2m = 18m2
  • EcoTuff Roofing Blanket R1.8 (75mm) – 15m x 1.2m = 18m2
  • EcoTuff Roofing Blanket R2.0 (100mm) – 10m x 1.2m = 12m2
  • EcoTuff Roofing Blanket R2.5 (120mm) – 10m x 1.2m = 12m2
  • EcoTuff Roofing Blanket R3.2 (135mm) – 10m x 1.2m = 18m2
  • EcoTuff Roofing Blanket R2.0 (100mm) – 10m x 1.2m = 12m2
  • EcoTuff Roofing Blanket R3.6 (145mm) – 10m x 1.2m = 18m2

Armour Grey®

The importance of home insulation

It’s hard to overstate how important the role of insulation is in the constant battle to maintain even, comfortable temperatures in any building. Energy bills can skyrocket with poor insulation, and that’s why we at Hitec Metal Roofing Supplies are so excited and proud to offer the best insulation for a roof in Australia.

What different types of insulation are available?

  • Roof blanket insulationPerfect for areas free from obstructions like pipes and ducts. The ease of laying it directly from a roll makes it common to find an insulation blanket for a roof in buildings of all shapes and sizes.
  • Batt — Flexible fibreglass, usually precut into standard sizes, comes in cellulose, mineral wool, natural fibre and plastic versions.
  • Blown-inInsulating material made from recycled waste materials similar to those used in roof blanket insulation is sprayed onto any given surface. 
  • FoamA low-density elastomer/polymer provides a thermal barrier around individual components like hot water tanks and prevents temperature transfer. Spray foam is applied in the same way as blown-in insulation. 

The pros and cons of each insulation type

Roof blanket insulation and batt insulation:


  • Easy to lay 
  • Affordable
  • Optional facings can deter moisture


  • Does not cover awkward, obstructed areas or cracks easily
  • Incorrect installation can create rips, leaving open spaces

Blown-in insulation:


  • Inexpensive
  • Rapid application 
  • Covers awkward areas as it settles and conforms to any shape
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be collected with a vacuum and reapplied


  • Attracts moisture
  • Can leave gaps when packing down

Solid foam insulation:

Pros : 

  • Inexpensive
  • Very high R-values (thermal rating) compared to loose-fill
  • Some versions are water-resistant and can be buried as exterior foundation insulation


  • Must be tightly fitted with taped joins to prevent air movement
  • Susceptible to sunlight/damaged by UV rays
  • Sometimes accumulates moisture, losing effectiveness
  • R-value can decrease over time
  • Not eco-friendly

Spray foam insulation:


  • Superb thermal properties 
  • Airtight, waterproof, and shields against mould 
  • R-value does not decrease over time


  • Known to shrink
  • Can leave unseen holes when expanding into tight spaces
  • Expensive

Common insulation mistakes to avoid 

Here are some potential pitfalls that can be avoided if you avail the services of professionals when insulating your property:

  • Inappropriate insulation — There are a number of options, and not all may be suitable for your particular situation.
  • Blocking vents — Restricting airflow completely can cause condensation, allowing mould to grow.
  • Too many gaps — Too much airflow is equally problematic, insulation may degrade over time due to this.
  • Not preparing for the project or reading instructions — Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Best advice is to call for a professional rather than make it a DIY insulation project.
  • Removing old insulation — Spending time and money removing old insulation that can be left alone is wasteful. Consult with a professional if removal is necessary.
  • Cutting corners to save money — An ineffective strategy that often has the exact opposite outcome. Again, leave it to professionals that provide fairly priced services.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about roofing products in the Sydney metro area and the best insulation for a roof in Australia, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

An experienced team member of ours will be happy to talk about your exact situation and requirements and provide you with an obligation-free quote.


What are the benefits of upgrading my home insulation?

By upgrading your roof insulation, you can significantly reduce your energy bills. Whether keeping the cold outside in the winter or inside in the summer, choosing the best insulation for a roof in Australia maximises efficiency and comfort. 

Can I install insulation for a roof myself, or do I need to hire a professional?

While it is certainly possible for capable DIY enthusiasts to install insulation, we do not recommend it. Professionals are able to assess the existing insulation and identify and mitigate any potential issues/risks that an amateur may miss.

How long does an insulation blanket last?

A good-quality insulation blanket for a roof should last anywhere between 20 and 80 years.

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