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HMR Supplies is now proud to offer Buildex products to our customers, including their range of rivets, fasteners, teks and hexs for metal and timber roofing. HMR Supplies chose Buildex because of their commitment to quality. The brand has a reputation for manufacturing dependable roofing products, but best of all they do so right here in Australia. Australian production secures not only the quality of production of Buildex products, it also supports the local economy. Buildex is the only manufacturer of self-drilling fasteners in the country.

There are several important technical innovations in the Buildex product range that ensure its supremacy in the market. These include corrosion protection coating, Climaseal 3®, the patented feature ShankGuard®, the revolutionary self-drilling screw RoofZIPS® and the corrosion coating Climaseal® 4, Climaseal® 5 and Roof-Lok Cyclonic Assembly, the HiGrip® design feature, and HiTeks® forged point self-drilling screw. All of these features of Buildex products demonstrate their superior quality, but they also show the company’s commitment to innovation, year after year. It is little wonder the company has just celebrated its 100th anniversary!

When you buy Buildex with HMR Supplies, you enjoy guaranteed corrosion protection in all products, ideal for durable construction in a variety of projects, at an affordable price.

H.B Fuller

HMR Supplies are now pleased to offer H.B. Fuller products, including their best-in-market silicones, adhesives, and barrel guns. H.B. Fuller have been manufacturing for more than 125 years, and today are a leading global industrial adhesives provider. Their commitment to innovation and technical collaboration ensures a superior product that secures more durable construction, no matter the product.

H.B. Fuller have been manufacturing products since 1887, building on a stellar tradition of innovation and quality production values. Since 1976, countless tradesmen and builders have used H.B. Fuller products to stick down, fill and seal projects. The company has established strong connections with Australian industry and been proud contributors to the local economy. Their products are renowned for being tried and tested in Australia’s harsh climate. If you’re looking for a durable product, get something that stands up to the test.


Stocking solar-safe Polycarb and Fiberglass sheets, HMR Supplies are proud supplies of Ampelite products to our customers. Ampelite is the largest fibreglass and polycarbonate roof sheet manufacturer and distributor in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The company commenced production in Melbourne in 1969 and boasts a wealth of experience, working throughout South East Asia and the Pacific, in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

Ampelite domestic grade fibreglass provides 99.9% protection from UV rays, which can be harmful. This product is ideal for outdoor areas in new domestic building projects. We also supply their commercial and industrial fibreglass, for larger-scale projects. This fibreglass is simply the highest standard industrial skylight available in Australia. It is ideal for warehouses, providing cost-effective lighting with the added benefit of low thermal expansion.

HMRsupplies has built reputation over the past 37 years of experience in roofing with our expertise in understanding and using the correct choice of materials. At HMRsupplies we pride ourselves in research and engineering behind all our products. With the latest technology in machines and steel materials from Colorbond® Steel and Zincalume® we are able to manufacture in our high end facility an extensive range of products they out way anyone’s desires. Our choice of materials provide excellent structure and high-tensile profile to all products with 10 years warranty that a made with stand Australia’s diverse climates.

HMRsupplies, supply large variety of building companies as well as local and privately sourced buyers with all the metal roofing products our team specialises in customer care so contact us today for any enquires.

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At HMR Supplies, we provide you with corrugated metal roofing for a durable and aesthetically pleasing roof that will last for years after installation. If you're looking for an affordable way to protect your property from the elements, then corrugated metal roofing with corrugated metal roof flashing is just what you need. We offer a wide range of corrugated roofing and flashing products at HMR Supplies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you choose the right type of roofing material for your home or business.