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Available at custom design and fit, email through drawing with measurements to Colorbond® Steel range available in 0.55 Zinc
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Good quality roofing depends on smart water management. Along with metal roofing sheets, flashings, and accessories, dedicated rainwater products are needed to control water flow. We have a great range of rainwater goods available, including gutters, downpipes, fascias, sumps, accessories and rainheads. At HMR Supplies, we specialise in Colorbond rainheads for the ultimate in quality, durability and appearance.

What are rainheads?

A rainhead is a specially designed container located between the gutter and downpipe of your building. It forms an integral part of your roofing structure, and it aids the flow of water away from your property. Rainhead products are designed to control water flow rates, both in regular conditions and during extreme rain events.

We specialise in rainhead products, including box gutter rainhead items, gutter rainhead designs and rainwater head products. They act as an external overflow point to minimise water surges and provide protection for your home or business premises. Once water is collected in the rainhead, it flows down the downpipe and into the stormwater system.

Colorbond rainheads from HMR Supplies

Our Colorbond rainheads are available in multiple sizes and configurations, with all products featuring a custom design to fit your building like a glove. Rainheads are used on most property types, from suburban houses and commercial buildings to large-scale industrial and public facilities. These products are made with 0.55 Zinc for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Our Colorbond rainhead products are affordable to purchase, easy to install and highly durable. They work well and look great, and they provide perfect integration with the rest of your Colorbond roof. If you want to experience Colorbond quality and water flow confidence, please mail through your drawings with measurements to

Why choose HMR Supplies?

At HMR Supplies, we provide trusted roofing solutions in a cost-effective package. We have been working in the industry for many years, starting out as a small family business in a Greenacre factory back in 1979. We started out with aluminium doors and windows, and expanded into folding flashings and metal roofing products along with guttering and security roller shutters.

Over the years, we have simplified our vision, improved our materials and condensed our product line. Today, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of high-quality roofing supplies for Australian conditions. We uphold the highest standards and ensure the fastest turnaround times for metal roofing supplies.

We service the entire Sydney area, and we love helping home and business owners find the perfect roof for their property and budget. Our advanced local factory is dedicated to the manufacture of Colorbond® Steel products, with a wide range of designs and colours available alongside custom-made flashings. We are the closest location in the Sydney metro area that rolls corrugated and trimdeck roof sheets on-site.

What are the benefits of rainheads?
Quality rainheads are essential to control water flow and protect your building. Whether you have a flat or pitched roof, these products are fundamental in many roofing structures. They collect water from your gutters, funnel water away from your building and help to minimise water surges by connecting with downpipes and stormwater drains.
How does a rainhead differ from a sump?
The terms "rainhead" and "sump" are sometimes used to describe the same thing. However, they refer to different types of roofing products. While rainheads and sumps are both used to control water flow, rainheads funnel water away from the building to minimise water surges, and sumps function as a water collection reservoir that's channelled into a downpipe.
What products are used to control water flow?
Having a strong roof over your head is not enough to control water flow. While roofing panels are the largest and most important part of any roof structure, you also need to install dedicated rainwater goods. Common products include rainheads, sumps, gutters, downpipes and fascias, along with gutter and fascia accessories. At HMR Supplies, our rainhead line includes box gutter rainhead items, gutter rainhead designs and rainwater head products.
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