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Flashings Accessories
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Flashings Accessories
Wakaflex 02
Wakaflex 03
Wakaflex 04
Wakaflex 01
Metal Roof Flashings In Sydney

If you’re looking for quality metal flashings supplies in Sydney, look no further. HMR Supplies offer Sydney customers affordable roofs expertly manufactured to withstand wild weather. The Australian climate is renown for its extremes, only a product Australian-made and tested in Australian conditions will prove durable and sustainable.

HMR Supplies offer quality well-known brands at affordable prices. Our supply of Buildex, Colorbond and others supplies comes with the added benefit of being discounted 10% of the same product offered elsewhere. Why not give us a call on 02 9771 3777, to find out what we can do for you.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes and 3 different colours
  • Black & Grey dektites can be painted with acrylic paint & withstand temps. up to 115 C or 150 C intermittently
  • Red silicone dektites will withstand temps up to 200 C or 250 C intermittently with a BAL rating of 29
  • Low profile base with watershed sleeve
  • Twenty Year warranty
  • Dektite Premium DFE 5-55B
  • Dektite Premium DFE 50-70B
  • Dektite Premium DFE 5-120B
  • Dektite Premium DFE 110-170B
  • Dektite Premium DFE 160-220B
  • Dektite Premium DFE 160-300B
  • Technical Details


  • Wakaflex – 280mm x 5m – Lead Grey
  • Wakaflex – 280mm x 5m – Black
  • Wakaflex – 280mm x 5m – Terracotta
  • Wakaflex – 280mm x 5m – Brown
  • Wakaflex – 370mm x 5m – Lead Grey
  • Wakaflex – 370mm x 5m – Black
  • Wakaflex – 370mm x 5m – Terracotta
  • Wakaflex – 560mm x 5m – Lead Grey
  • Wakaflex – 560mm x 5m – Black
  • Wakaflex – 560mm x 5m – Terracotta
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