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Speedeck 700, is a sleek and modern approach to ultimate concealed roofing system available on the market.  With revolutionary wind resistance and an automatic bird-proofing design, you’ll experience the Speed Deck difference through unparalleled protection. The ribs and pans work together to create a seamless uniform look that is both practical and great to look at.

  • Outstanding wind load resistance and water-carrying capacity
  • 43mm Rib
  • 1 degree minimum roof pitch
  • .42 BMT
  • .48 BMT
  • Sheets Available up 24M
  • Compatible Stramit Farlap® roof lap joint system gives a multiple sheet option for long length concealed fixed roofs
  • Full length clips to correctly locate ribs and compress insulation
  • Some system and span combinations certified to FM Global approval standard FM4471
  • Available in an extensive range of colours, Colorbond® & Mangaflow®

The roofing/walling shall be 0.42 (or 0.48) mm BMT Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® Concealed Fixed Decking in continuous lengths with trapezoidal ribs 43mm high, spaced at 233mm centres. Sheeting material shall be protected steel sheet to Australian Standard AS1397, with a minimum yield stress of 550MPa (Grade G550) and an AM100/AZ150 coating with an oven-baked paint film of selected colour, or a plain AM125/AZ150 coating.

The sheeting shall be fixed to the purlins/girts in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations using patented full length fixing clips supplied. Clips shall be fastened to purlins/girts with screws supplied in accordance with Australian Standard AS3566, Class 3, and attached at every rib. Sheets shall be laid in such a manner that the approved side lap faces away from the prevailing weather. A minimum of 50mm shall be provided for projection into eave gutters.

Flashings shall be provided in compatible materials as specified; minimum cover of flashing shall be 150mm. All sheeting shall be fixed in a workman-like manner, leaving the job clean and weathertight. Repair minor blemishes with touch-up paint supplied by the roof manufacturer. All debris (nuts, screws, cuttings, filings etc.) shall be cleaned off daily.

Where the Stramit FarLap® roof lap joint system is to be incorporated add the following to the specification above: All roof lap joints shall be constructed using the Stramit FarLap® roof lap joint system detailed and fixed strictly in accordance with the manufacturers written installation instructions.

Class 4 fasteners should be used <1km from the coast.

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