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Solitex Extasana

Solitex Extasana

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SOLITEX EXTASANA® wall underlay provides the best weather protection layer for your walls, under all conditions. It protects the building from wind, driving rain, and other external sources of water, whilst allowing any internal moisture to escape through the vapour permeable, non-porous TEEE* layer.


Pro Clima Solitex Extasana® is a UV-stabilised and durable weather-resistant barrier engineered with a non-permeable, waterproof TEEE film that is securely bonded between two layers of spun-bonded polypropylene at elevated temperatures. This vapour permeable wall wrap meets the requirements for application in BAL regions ranging from 12.5 to 40 according to AS 3959.

  • 180-day UV resistance & long-term durability
  • Highly vapour permeable (Class 4)
  • Weathertight & airtight weather resistive barrier (WRB)
  • Next generation non-porous monolithic technology
  • 1500mm x 36500

• Class 4 vapour permeable pliable building membrane in accordance with AS 4200.1.
• This product is designed to withstand up to 180 days UV exposure before cladding is installed.
• This product can withstand exposure to temperatures of up to 120°C and down to -40°C behind external claddings.


SOLITEX EXTASANA® is a UV stabilised and tear resistant synthetic weather resistive barrier (WRB). A non-porous water
resistant TEEE* film is laminated at high temperature between two layers of spun bonded polypropylene.


This product is a weather resistive barrier (WRB) and designed to withstand up to 180 days direct exposure to UV and still
fulfil the intended use for air and water control. Exterior cladding should be detailed to prevent direct sunlight onto the
membrane in service.


This product is suitable for use in BAL regions 12.5 to 40 in accordance with AS 3959. Wherever non-combustible material is
required by the NCC it should be noted that this product is less than 1mm thick and has a flammability index of less than 5.

There are currently no colour options available for this product.

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