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An Aesthetic, different to any metal cladding system available on the market, with a flush, flat façade this product locks together to reflect a shingles system with an simple interlocking system on all four sides.  

  • Flat lock Panels are installed on minimum 15 mm plywood.
  • An anti-abrasive building paper must be laid between the panel and the plywood.
  • FLATLOCK / Flexible panel sizes 140 mm to 540 mm / Up to 4000 mm long panels / Recessed Flatlock can be nominated for larger express joins / All dimensions are material and transport dependant, and open to customisation.

    SHINGLE / 150 mm – 340 mm standard shingle sizes (material dependant) / custom sizes available on request.

  • A continuous ventilation air gap should be left clear behind the plywood. However, with the inclusion of Proctor vapour membrane on the outside, the plywood -if wet- can dissipate moisture through the outer face and negate the gap at the back. This will then allow for plywood to be fixed directly to a stud-frame.
  • Recessed joints with concealed fastenings.


Standard width  


Custom Widths available*  

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