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Fiberglass Sheeting

Fiberglass Sheeting

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Australian made and manufactured! Fiberglass Sheeting provides cost effective way to achieve lighting in a Residential, Industrial or Commercial sector. Through excellent spanning, light transmission and low thermal expansion. Available in various grades and profiles listed below.

  • Speedeck 700, Kliplok 700
  • Monoclade, Trimdeck (5 rib)
  • Corrugated
  • Longspan
  • Kliplok 406
  • 500 Decking


Level of Applications

  • Domestic
  • Industrial & commercial
  • Wonderglass GCP Or GC
  • Web glass GV
  • Cool-Lite GC
  • SR76 (fire rated)

All profiles provide, 99.9% protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

GSM/ Grian Size 
  • 2400gsm
  • 3050gsm
  • 3660gsm
Industrial Fibreglass

The Translucent Sheeting shall be Ampelite industrial fibreglass sheeting
as manufactured by Ampelite Australia Pty. Ltd. to comply with
AS/NZS4256.3:1994. The weight of the sheet shall be *2400 g/m2 and
be manufactured to conform to the nominated profile and colour. Sheeting
shall be installed in accordance with Ampelite fixing instructions and with
AS/NZS1562.3:1996 Design and installation of sheet roof and wall cladding,
Part 3:Plastic.
Holes for fixings must not be punched through Fibreglass sheets. Hand and power
drills are suitable. Drill holes at the slow speed when using power drill. Use a metal
bit to support the sheet underneath the hole position. Holes for fixings should be at
least 50mm from the end of the sheet. The use of Fibreglass Tek Screws with a self
oversizing hole cutter is preferable.
Fibreglass sheets can be cut with hand or power tools. Hand saws with fine tooth
blades eg. Metal cutting blades, are suitable. Support the sheet close to the saw and
cut at a shallow angle with slow steady strokes.
Where wire safety mesh is incorporated under the Fibreglass sheeting and over a
purlin, a protective purlin strip (PPS) must be installed to prevent fracturing. In roofing
application fixings shall be fitted through the crest of any profile. Oversize screw
holes from 10mm up to 15mm must be made at all points of fixing. Only 32mm
‘Weatherlok’ seals should be used as the washer. When fibreglass sheets are end
lapped, two lines of Lapseal Tape shall be placed across the full width of the sheet.
Each strip is placed approximately 150mm apart with one line located 25mm from the
end of the fibreglass sheet. (Comprehensive installation instructions can be found at or at any Ampelite state office)

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